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a•v review | A Poet In Review: A Subjective Account of Chanel Hardy’s Work


April is National Poetry Month and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by writing a three-for-one review of one of my favorite poets, Chanel Hardy.

The Community Solar Conundrum | Pros, Cons, and Politicization of Renewable Energy

Benefits of community solar outweigh the drawbacks

The 2021 Texas power crisis renewed the renewable energy debate among politicians and in the court of public opinion. And now, some New York residents are calling into question the benefit of proposed green energy initiatives as the state ramps up its own version of the Green New Deal.

MVLA Announces La Abundancia PSA


Utica, NY — Mohawk Valley Latino Association (MVLA) and First Circle have officially launched their project, La Abundancia Community Space and Garden in the Cornhill neighborhood of Utica. The goal of the project is to create a safe and welcoming space to assist community members with their diverse emergency needs, provide equitable educational opportunities in workforce development, ecosystem advocacy and permaculture design, and serve as a place to cherish community together.

Our Sustainable Business Utopia

We often discuss how people can take care of the Earth on an individual level, but companies have the greatest impact on the environment. While the industrial world has been an opponent to sustainability, companies can employ a number of strategies to combat their enormous carbon footprint.

The In-Home Healthcare Crisis


How would you want to spend your time as you’re receiving end-of-life care, long-term non-terminal care, or assistance in conducting activities of daily living? Most would say that they’d prefer to spend this time receiving care and assistance in their own home, enabling accessibility to loved ones and control over the terms of their treatment rather than being subject to the logistics of an institution like a nursing facility. 

Navigating Childhood Racist Memorabilia

The nostalgic keepsakes of our childhoods are meant to remind us of a period of innocence and idealism, so some people are in disbelief when these treasures are rebranded as racist. 

Which Demands More Change, Filibusters or Senators?

Ardent Vox

In 1806, our young Senate eliminated the process for terminating debates, which made filibusters theoretically possible. Filibusters, consequentially, became a procedural tool, allowing minority opinions of either party to be heard before votes were cast, a seemingly reasonable practice. It did not take much time, however, for filibusters to be misused and/or overused. Who’s to blame, the tool or the people using the tool?

Legislation Passed by NYS Senate

NYS Senate

AV continues to provide you with information and accessibility to our State Government. The following is recent legislation passed by the Senate. Click on the bill number to view it on the Senate website.

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