It’s the year 2021, and just like the necessary changes that come each and every year with life, 2021 brings its share.  Our world is complex in every way, and we, as inhabitants and consumers of this world are being called to help ensure that its health continues. It would be irresponsible to look away, folks. It would also be naïve and ignorant to do so in the face of verified scientific findings that plead for us all to act.

In this critical time of global warming/climate crisis caused as the result of the ongoing pollution through emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, it has become blatantly apparent and scientifically verified that renewable/alternative sources of energy should be sought, used, and are necessary. There is no other intelligent option. There is no other ethical road to travel down other than to do our part.  It is not ok to remain oppositional to these requests when doing so serves nothing but continued destruction of our planet and causing harm to ourselves and future generations. The issue is much larger than simply not being able to view your favorite sunflower field that now is being asked to become a solar energy farm. The issue is now our continued existence!

Acknowledgement of the absolutely valid climate crisis and becoming conscious of the current environmental dilemma gives us the needed impetus to become more conscientious of our actions. Only through this knowledge of the problems and the causes that will we be able to act more appropriately in regards to our ailing planet and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem. By the way, it is way past time to do so! Unquestionably, it is the ethical thing to do. Absolutely, it asks you to make changes, (but in doing so, real benefits result for yourself and for others),  and most definitely it is worth it. The moral of the story… part of the solution rather than part of the problem!

The benefits of renewable energy are very tangible and are undeniable.  Renewable energy use will reduce emissions of destructive air pollutants resulting in cleaner air and water for us all. Using renewable energy, unlike the use of fossil fuels, reduces impacts to finite natural resources such as land and water, both imperative to our existence. The use of renewable energy sources increases the reliability of the state’s energy supply, making our supply become more diverse and less dependent on a single source. Increased resiliency of the regional electricity supply will thus result, enhancing the ability to handle severe weather events as one example. Regional economic benefits will blossom as the result of the use of renewable sources, creating new jobs. Revenue creation will follow as the very positive effect of such.

There is truly no turning back if we are going to secure a safe planet for ourselves and for future generations to live upon. Digging your heels in the dirt and proclaiming “nay” will do nothing but label you personally as a detriment to our planet’s continued existence. Make the choice to improve the world by doing your part. Fall in line with our president who has made climate action a national security priority. Fight with our state to promote the New York State Climate Act (CLCPA), propelling us to institute the most ambitious of climate laws in the world. Every New Yorker is asked to fight climate change at home, at work, and in their communities to create a better world. Choose to look past yourself to be the nurturing steward that our planet needs and deserves.


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