The same violence that forces people in one country to seek asylum enables another country to fill its detention cells and fill prison contractors’ pockets. It’s a vicious cycle with profit at every step, from detention and deportation to relying on immigrants to accept poorly paid jobs that make bosses rich. ~ Josè Lopez (pseudonym) 

If you are looking to learn about the global migration system in all its awful glory, look no further than with “Asylum for Sale: Profit and Protest in the Migration System,” edited by Siobhán McGuirk and Adrienne Pine. A compendium of essays, artworks, photographs, and infographics from experts, activists, and most importantly, asylum seekers themselves, this book brings to light the tremendous money that goes into the degradation of asylum seekers worldwide. This book is not only focused on the border system that kills thousands a year in the United States but looks at the legalized violence that perpetuates throughout the Global North as a whole and how if Capitalism is left unchecked, it will doom humanity. 

This book will challenge you. It will anger you. It will get you screaming “abolish detention centers.” Most importantly, it will get you thinking. I highly recommend this book to anybody passionate about migration policies and abolishing border control. 


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