Hood Feminism: Notes From The Women That A Movement Left Behind by Mikki Kendall

Feminism is the work that you do, and the people you do it for who matter more than anything else. ~Mikki Kendall

If you are looking to take your white individual-styled feminism and turn it into intersectional collective feminism, look no further than with Mikki Kendall’s “Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women that a Movement Forgot”. Written with straight-forward grace, Kendall asks readers (white women specifically) to put in more work because, frankly, our feminism is lacking. Whereas feminism is usually taught as being about the right to having an abortion or seeing more women in positions of authority, Kendall discusses the least talked about feminism issues: housing, access to food, access to quality education, livable wages, safe neighborhoods — issues that impact people of color daily but are rarely seen as “feminist issues” because feminism has been taken over by white women who are not interested in seeing the elevation of others, just themselves.

Using tales of personal experience as well as academic findings, Kendall will challenge the reader to examine their problematic nature and give the reader ways to sharpen their solidarity tactics with practical advice. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be more than an ally but a true advocate towards ending white supremacy and the patriarchy. 


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