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a•v book review | Asylum for Sale: Profit and Protest in the Migration Industry


The same violence that forces people in one country to seek asylum enables another country to fill its detention cells and fill prison contractors’ pockets. It’s a vicious cycle with profit at every step, from detention and deportation to relying on immigrants to accept poorly paid jobs that make bosses rich. ~ Josè Lopez (pseudonym) 

a•v poetry | My City Utica


My city is its handful of bars with the same 300 customers cycling in and out.

It’s an up-and-coming city

on America’s longest road race

toward outstretched hands of cold Utica Club beer.

a•v poetry | Silence


Silence is not Quiet.
The Quiet is not Silent;
It is vibrant.

Silence lets me hear better;
That whispering inner voice as I listen deeper.

Most never hear that inner voice;
Or refuse to listen by choice.

Deep, deep within me in the Silence;
That inner voice gave me guidance.

Taking time for Silence
showed me how to find resilience.

Be in Silence,
And listen to your inner brilliance.

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